jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012


Hey, I'm back! Today I'm going to post some stuff I bought recently when I went shopping last week. Most of these things are for going back to school! Let's go!

A black and beige t-shirt with polka dots from Stradivarius, 8 €

A faux leather jacket from Clockhouse, 39 € (I JUST LOVE IT)

A plaid shirt from Clockhouse, 15 €

A denim shirt from Clockhouse, 18 €

A thin jersey with skull patern from Trafaluc (Zara), 18 €

And a grey cardigan from Zara, 13 €

Also I bought a black nail lacquer, it only cost me 1.50 €,
and a 1D bracelet! :D 3 € at Claire's

At the FNAC (aka PARADISE) I bought a pack of Paramore badges
and I think I'm going to put them at my backpack! It has an aztec pattern, and it's black and white by the way. Also I got the new Mario 3DS game, it's addictive but very difficult at the same time! Highly recommend it!

At last, but not least... Mona Lisa salutes you. She wakes me up everyday with her wonderful bowtie... and mustache. (?)

Hope you liked it! The only things left I have to buy are notebooks, a backpack and a black purse!
Lots of love Anna xx

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